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Since more than 20 years we have been offering solutions and services in plant engineering area.
The services consist of the training aimed to make immediately the design tool productive in the company, the start-up with on the job activities and specific follow-up  operations to find best solution to daily technical matter.
Our technical staff is therefore prepared to assist the technical department with a qualified engineering support, offering the experience and expert assistance required to transfer technology to improve the security of return of the investment done.

    Our main areas are: chemical, pharmaceutical, water treatment, automotive, energy, oil and gas, cosmetic, food, manufacturing and fluid transfer (paper mills, steel mills), BIM


Training is essential to use the plant design solution in the right way reducing time needed to be profitable with it.

For this reason and to reach the customer goal our staff is not doing a  kind of "general training" but a very deep coaching according to the customer application requirements; we are able to transfer the know-how  to resolve the issues that are encountered during daily activities.

Our continuous training in house doing engineering jobs, following specific webinars, doing tests , solving technical issues together with official training programs done by the Autodesk and Triplan vendor is a guarantee for customers for a high knowledge of our staff

In relation to the customer purposes  and human resources involved inside the company during the start-up process, together with you we identify the best methods for transferring know-how and training plan to be applied, follow  by junior and senior Tricad resources to give customer best practise in using the tools.

Our knowledge of the engineering plant design process due to the real job activities with daily work is at customer disposal to achieve its goal.

The training phase can be held at our offices in Milan or at customer place of work.

The main solutions which directly follow the training phase are

Le principali soluzioni di cui seguiamo direttamente la fase formativa sono:

  • Autodesk Plant

  • Autodesk MEP

  • Autodesk Revit

  • Autodesk Navisworks

  • Tricad MS (ustation)

  • Rohr2 - stress analisi

we do training plans also to complementary solutions such as

  • Autodesk Factory

  • Autodesk Vault

  • Mechanical modeling solution of most common vendors

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The solutions identified and proposed by Tricad Service Italian involve an investment both in software to be bought or rent and, mainly, in people who are in our vision the company's assets.

To speed up the return on investment associated with the introduction of all the solutions we propose, Autodesk®, Rohr2®, Tricad and plugins: this is the purpose of our application support specialist service .

We are your back office engineering at a glance. This allows customers to focus on their core business, we do the rest.

Our technical staff is available to support customer and solve the issues that may be encountered in everyday use of the plant design tool during weekdays from 9am till 17:30 with a telephone service or remote support directly on your PC to ensure a more immediate solution comprehension .

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The engineering services in the design of industrial, technological and automotive area goes from concept, basic up to detailing engineering .

The main activities performed by tricad are:

§  conceptual pfd, drafting and editing p&id

§  creation and modification of civil drawings, steel structures and piping layout GA

§  rilievi con utilizzo di laser scanner survey for as built purposes and conversion to 3D model even for isometric piping generation

§  feasibility study of complex 3D units or underground area to check the collision detection among all components

§  detailed 3d design of water treatment plants, reverse osmosis, ultra-filtration and micro and any premounted skid

§  buildings modeling with BIM technology, complete hvac systems from concept to dimensioning stage and mto generation for pharmaceutical plants

§  feasibility 3D study of thermal plants with all the documentation needed even for the authorization

§  3D modeling of automotive digital plants: conveyors, piping services, and route simulation

§  sketch generation

§  piping stress analysis

§ 4D and 5D ssite scheduling

§  multimedia documentation handling


the advantages of Tricad services are:

§  monitoring all stage with nearly complete interoperability inside the engineering process.

§  uniqueness and availability of information

§  flexibility and proper time response to the project planning and delivery schedule

§  specialistic and qualify assistance


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In the training phase, needed for the correct introduction of software solutions in the company, we follow up with the customer support with a start-up on real projects. This on-the-job activity allows the definition of the company standard environment to carry out the design activities. In summary it gets the higher value to the organization of the business process.

The on-the-job activity can be cover both the basic engineering and detailing with the definition of pipe spec or to the entire engineering process with the final template generation to get isometric sketch in the requested form according to the customer requirements.

Further we propose a coaching stage activity on a real design job to guarantee the investment done in training people and to optimize all procedures along the whole engineering process.

A correct planning of the complete start-up phase let us to indicate a real ROI value to the customer. 

together with our qualified partner , Studio Dondi, we can merge our experience in pland design  area with the mechanical skill offering:

·       Mechanical design

·       Rapid prototyping

·       Industrial design

·       Costs reducing

·       Re-design

·       Revamping

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