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20 years history
    We supply software solutions, consultant services and feasibility studies to the industrial, building technology and automotive process area. We daily discover, test and provide up-to-date design solutions together with engineering services in these industrial sectors.

We have been the first italian plant desigtn solution supplier to push the mushup technology to get the interoperability condition requested by costumers to guarantee the uniqueness of tha DATA.

We approach this concept because we believe the DATA is the unique real technical resource that customers have to maintain as it is. This also due to the investments already done in different IT solutions that "just" need to be syncronized each other.

Tricad Service Italia is born from the experience of its founders in February 1995 through a partnership with the German engineering company triplan gmbh.  

From the TRICAD3D plant design solution developed within Triplan company to better and promptly respond to the internal engineering demands up to the introduction of new software and solutions supplied by the leading European and worldwide companies for being able to always provide what our customers require.

mission & vision

As solution provider we daily verify and apply the best methods to make the industrail plant profitable from the engineering starting point.

This is the goal we wish to win together with the customer.

From the beginning our headline has been to work together and closed to customer to know its needs, planning efficiently the activities to get the result in the right time. Our technical staff is well prepared to propose and follow the engineering job  in the industrail plant area.

Together with customer we find out and optimize the best procedures to make the engineering job as easier as we can with following advantageous:

- monitoring all stages to get more control about engineering process from the beginning

- time reducing for material procurement and orders

- time reducing between the beginning of the design stage and the production one.

As software and solution provider out mission means a continuous  analysis to find out the best solution from the market to match the customer requirements and needs.

The partner we work whom today help us to get the added value that customers ask for in order to have fully integrated company workflow.

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"Using AutoCAD PLANT3D we got the  business workflow easier and automated due to the management of information related to graphic components for analysis, data exchange, and material take-off; we have identified precise methodologies to be applied during the design phase. TRICAD staff has helped to make the introduction of this technology easier and profitable, making production in a timely manner.

GEA Process Engineering S.p.A.

"In our industry the typical engineering problem  is characterized by checking the interference between pipes and steel members; in fact, the complexity of the skid involves a study of pipelines routing  in a very complex way. The collaboration with TRICAD in 3D design of skid gets the elimination of interference errors and makes the engineering and construction stage faster and easier to undestand due to the 3D representation."

Italveco S.r.l. - Wastewater Treatment Plants    

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